Justin was not only professional but also compassionate. I felt like my case and well-being was important to him. I highly recommend him without reservation.

DarrellMarch 10th, 2019

I hired Justin to represent me on two different cases. I was charged with dui and six different weapons charges. Through his knowledge and experience the weapons charges were dropped and I received the minimum punishment for the dui case. If you want knowledge and experience Justin is highly recommended. Veteran approved also!!

DaveMarch 6th, 2019

My case has been called one of Erie’s worst. Justin was my 5th attorney in two years. He has not given up, the previous four attorneys said there was no hope, they gave up. Justin is not like the other attorneys I have worked with or the opposing attorneys. I have found him to be very truthful and brutality honest, even when it was emotionally hard to hear. He gave me suggestions on how to help myself and in the long run it benefitted me tremendously. He treated me as a human and not as another paycheck. Justin said we had an uphill battle but a battle worth fighting. I found his manner to be very calm, strategically calculated and knowledgeable about the law and how the Erie Courthouse operates. He worked tirelessly for me, I felt he listened to my story and developed the best plan of action always taking my concerns seriously. I am thankful I found Justin because he refused to give up and has given me a positive outcome.
Justin won’t shy away from complex cases, he is one smart attorney and will not waste your time or money.

ShelleyFebruary 19th, 2019

Most of the time, when someone seeks legal representation they are at a difficult spot in their life where it is most needed. When that time came in for me, I found exactly what I needed in Justin.
Justin was professional in all ways – even when he had to give me tough news or tough advice. Even so, when we had those tough discussions and he offered that tough advice – he always made sure that it was just that… advice. Justin made sure that I understood that it was ultimately my decision to make that determined the direction we took in my case, and he would fight for me to the best of his ability no matter what choice I made.
Justin’s counsel was always honest. He gave me his predicted outcomes for every situation (good and bad), answered every question and concern I had in a timely manner, and was available to me within one business day every time I texted, called, or emailed.
I have no idea where anyone reading this review is at in their life, but if you are searching for an attorney, I highly recommend giving Justin an opportunity.

MacFebruary 8th, 2019

Justin represented me recently, I found him to be honest and straight forward. He treated me with respect and was very supportive . He believes in building positive relationships with his clients as well as everyone in the court system. He is able to use these relationships to achieve the best outcomes for his clients. He is smart, kind and non judgmental, he helped me through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Justin without reservation. He is not only a great lawyer but a wonderful person.

BillDecember 27th, 2018

Mr. Panighetti is an honest and very confident lawyer. One of the best in Erie.

NitashaNovember 30th, 2018

Exceptional Lawyer. Exceptional representation! Knowledgeable, professional and always available when needed. Justin was always truthful and straight forward with me through my entire process. Highly recommended.

KrissyMarch 19th, 2018

I retained Attorney Panighetti to represent me in a criminal case. It was an extremely frightening time in my life. Because of Justin’s preparation, knowledge of the law and his presentation on my behalf we had the more serious charge dropped. I was very happy with the outcome of my hearing and the professional manner in which it was handled. Thank you Attorney Panighetti for representing me with respect and compassion. Five Stars.

RobertNovember 20th, 2017

Justin has been a wonderful lawyer, he was straight forward, smart and a hard worker. Very open minded to what your thoughts are compared to the common agreeing with everything you think. Great lawyer would recommend to any and everyone!

MattOctober 23rd, 2017

So far so good very pleased. First lawyer I talked to said “good luck with that” Justin has guided me through everything! Extremely responsive. Last attorney I had, I had to actually schedule a hearing or show up at his office to get a response outta him. And when I seen that his office is in with some of the best attorneys in the state, I was extremely happy. That says something right there!

AnonymousSeptember 13th, 2017